STANDARDS: EN 196-3,ASTM C187-C191,AASHTO T129-T131,BS 4550

Used to determine the amount of water required to produce a cement paste of standard consistency and the setting time. The frame is supplied complete with a 300 g consistency plunger (dia. 10 mm). The measurement of the movement is given by an indicator which moves along a scale graduated in millimetres. The apparatus is supplied complete with glass plate and EN Needle and mould.
Dimensions: 260 x 250 x 450 (h) mm.
Weight: 4 kg

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Ürün Kod No:TC-E055-01

ASTM/AASHTO needle dia. 1 mm

Product No: TC-E055-01

ASTM/AASHTO iğne çap 1 mm

Ürün Kod No:TC-E055-02

EN/BS needle dia. 1.13 mm

Product No: TC-E055-02

EN/BS iğne çap 1.13 mm

Ürün Kod No:TC-E055-03

BS/EN final needle with special foot

Product No: TC-E055-03

EN/BS priz son erme iğnesi özel ayaklı

Ürün Kod No:TC-E055-04

EN  Conical plastic mould dia. 70/80 h 40 mm

Product No: TC-E055-04

EN  Konik plastic kalıp çap 70/80 h 40 mm

Ürün Kod No:TC-E055-05

ASTM/AASHTO  Conical plastic mould dia. 60/70 h 40 mm

Product No: TC-E055-05

ASTM/AASHTO  Konik plastic kalıp çap 60/70 h 40 mm