(TC-Z001-01) High Capacity Direct Shear Testing Machine Automatic

(TC-Z001-01) High Capacity Direct Shear Testing Machine Automatic

STANDARTS : ASTM D 3080, TS 1900-2, BS 1377-7, AASHTO T236, NF P094 071-1/2

 It can be used for samples such as 30 cm x 30 cm x 15 cm . (Cut box optionally be produced in a suitable size.)

Horizontal and vertical loads are given fully automatically via stepper motor.

Cutting speed of 0.2-9.99 mm / min. Among through digital  control unit can be selected fully automatically.

Shear load and vertical load of 10 tons (100 kN) is capable of applying.

Horizontal and vertical loads on horizontal movements through the data acquisition unit, all calculations are done through software.

Shear box cell is made of stainless metal.

Test frame, the engine is combined with body and stand.

Digital control unit is designed for easy use.

The unit is fully automatic.

Optionally with the device under any load carried out sample consolidated by cutting.